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India’s Most Trusted Companies Awards is considered as the most premier recognition for a company to achieve due to its distinctive and exhaustive research & selection process. It is an unbiased platform for the companies to showcase their success stories to the world.

Companies short listed could not necessarily be selected based upon sales/turnover/profits of the company. Selection also comprises of key factors such as overall market share, innovation, workplace culture, leadership, business ethics, governance, corporate social responsibility, reputation and other similar elements.

The most important thing is that these companies have worked hard to achieve excellence. We follow the most transparent and authentic process of selecting the companies.

The entire research platform was divided into the following levels:-

Level 1 :   The First level of research was initiated by generating a list of about 500 companies from all states of India across the service and infrastructure sectors and 46 sub categories were drawn up through secondary research via market studies and category specific company reports. The list of institutions was prepared using existing listings, rankings and other research reports and available sources.

Level 2 :   The preliminary list of 500 companies was scrutinized on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest) and thoroughly examined by our research team on the above stated parameters taking into account the national presence and USP of the company.
Based on the above parameters, the IBC team short listed the list of 200 companies to be INDIA'S MOST TRUSTED COMPANIES under the purview of the research.

Level 3 :   The list of 200 companies with the above parameters was sent to a panel of eminent jury members to be further rated on a scale of 1 to 10. (The jury consists of top renowned leaders from various areas such as Business, Finance, Advertising & Media, including an international expert advisor. The identity of all jurors is kept confidential except among the Jury members themselves, so as to keep the selection process unbiased.)

Final Level: The final list of INDIA'S MOST TRUSTED COMPANIES was based on cumulative scores received by the jury and the editorial team.
   40 % weightage was given to the IBC InfoMedia team evaluation
   60 % weightage was given to the jury scoring

Analysis:  The cumulative scoring of IBC InfoMedia team & jury members was under taken to finalize the winners of "INDIA'S MOST TRUSTED COMPANIES AWARDS 2019".

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